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Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Psychedelic integration therapy is a specialized form of psychological support designed to assist individuals who have undergone psychedelic experiences in making sense of and integrating the insights, emotions, and changes brought about by these experiences into their daily lives. Psychedelics like Ketamine, LSD, psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms), MDMA, and ayahuasca have shown potential in catalyzing transformative and therapeutic experiences, often leading to profound insights, emotional release, and shifts in perspective.

Integration therapy provides a structured and supportive environment for individuals to process and integrate their psychedelic experiences. This type of therapy acknowledges that these experiences can be powerful and potentially challenging to integrate into one's understanding of self and the world. An integration therapist typically helps individuals explore and make sense of their psychedelic experiences, addressing any difficult emotions or insights that may have arisen during the experience.

Primary Goals

Image by Robert Lukeman
Image by NEOM
Image by Blake Verdoorn
Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by William Farlow
1 / Emotional Processing

Helping individuals process and navigate intense emotions that may have emerged during the psychedelic experience.

2 / Integration

Assisting individuals in incorporating the insights and revelations gained
from the psychedelic experience into their daily life, relationships, and personal growth.

3 / Meaning-Making

Supporting individuals in understanding the significance and
relevance of the insights gained, and how they can be applied to personal goals and well-being.

4 / Personal Growth

Facilitating personal development and positive changes based on the lessons and perspectives gained from the psychedelic journey.

5 / Reducing Harm

Addressing any potential challenges or difficulties that may arise post-experience, such as anxiety, confusion, or feelings of disconnection.

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